DNS Database Search

Search our DNS repository of IP Addresses, domains, their records and history.

Don't know how to get started? Check some examples of what you can do:

CDN providers

- Find all domains using CloudFlare's DNS

- Find all domains using Sucuri WAF/CDN

- Find all domains using Fastly's CDN

Email providers

- Find all domains using Hey.com email service

- Find all domains using Protonmail email service

Hosting providers

- Subdomains using Shopify

- Subdomains using Gitlab

Sub domain discovery

- Find all subdomains from Cisco.com

- Find all subdomains from Microsoft.com

- Find all subdomains from xbox.com

- Find all subdomains from sony.com

Domains per IP Address

- Find all domains on a BlueHost server

- Find all domains on a GoDaddy server

Service discovery, reverse lookup, IP history, all here..

Service Discovery

Find domains using a specific product or service.

IP Reverse Lookup

Find domains behind an IP address.

Sub Domains Discovery

Find subdomains associated with an organization.