is a CDN and WAF for websites.

Every website deserves to be fast, and visitors deserve to be safe. NOC aims to simplify that process for website owners..

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Why We Created

An Alternative

We had a robust inventory of websites we personally managed across our various projects. It was impractical to use existing solutions because of the lack of control and associated costs.

We had spent the better part of the previous decade building a similar platform for another conglomerate and decided to break away and rebuild a platform that better met our needs.

Who We are

Bootstrapped Team

Bootstrapped and proud. We are a very small team, but a team with a passion for networks, performance and security. Daniel Cid, one of our founders is the original developer and founder of OSSEC. Together with Tony, our other founder, they have built other massive networks - Sucuri (A WAF/Remediation product), CleanBrowsing (A DNS Resolver), NOC (A WAF/CDN service) and Trunc (a Log management platform). Together they have many years of experience with networking / security, with a very weird passion for logging.

Scalable and fast

Our size is a huge advantage, we're not bogged down by the needs of investors or the complexities that big teams bring.

Excellent support

Ever try to get a hold of support at a big corporation? Here at NOC, our size plays a huge factor in our ability to provide exceptional, timely, support. You can expect to hear directly from our developers and the founding team. If you need something, we will help you setup and make it work.

DNS repository. Over 90m domains and their name servers (NS), mail servers (MX), IPv4 and IPv6 information indexed.